Cube design museum


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Museumplein 2
6461 MA Kerkrade, Holland
Phone:+31 (0)45 567 6010

About Cube design museum

Cube is Holland’s first museum entirely dedicated to design. Cube displays meaningful design that has an impact on the world. A visit to Cube will provide an insight in the design process and it will inspire visitors to take an active part in thinking about shaping the world. Cube does not only stage exhibitions of trend-setting international and Euregional design, it also functions as an multidisciplinary laboratory where visitors can join students and designers working on innovative product design.¬†Current exhibitions:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Toilets*

But were afraid to ask. Everyone must do it: use the toilet from time to time. We sit down or remain standing, do what we have to do and flush away what we left behind. We wash and dry our hands, leave the toilet and go on with what we were doing. We prefer not to think about what will happen with what we left behind. Going to the toilet is merely answering the call of nature. We have a toilet we can use and that’s all there is to it. Is it really? How did our sanitary fixtures develop? Who came up with practical solutions and, especially, why were these choices made? And what about the toilets of the future? More information.

Fiets – Bike – Fahrrad

How will our bikes look like in the future? Talent and ingenuity lead the race, with brilliant ideas and ingenious prototypes playing a central role. Through the combination of design and technology in different ways, designers constantly redevelop the bike. The result is a photofinish between design, excellent craftsmanship and industry. More information.