Impression No Colour No Glory

The importance of language in colour science

Not until relatively recent history, mankind couldn’t see blue. And science suggest that’s because of missing a word for the colour blue. Greek, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, none of these old languages had a word for this colour. And that can have a big impact on how we see history.  The seas in Homer’s Odyssey were wine-dark, 

No Colour No Glory will be moderated by Dick Evers

Dick Evers is the moderator of No Colour No Glory and will guide us through the two days filled with colourful inspiration. You might know Dick for his candidacy for Mayor of the city of Venlo, or  under his artist name DICX. As an artist, (interior) designer and Feng Shui expert expect some suprising but interesting views 

Colours around the world

The emotion of a colour can be different in another culture, or has even different meanings within one. Take the colour red for example. The colour of love, but also of danger. Is it because of the link to the colour of our blood? This infographic gives a summary of colours around the world in 

New speaker confirmed: Rozbeh Asmani

We’re happy to announce a new confirmed speaker for Business Meets Design: Rozbeh Asmani. The subject of his talk will be the project Colourmarks, on the field of colour trademarks registred at the German Patent and Trademark Office. As a conceptional artist Rozbeh explores the impact on society of this usage of colours in corporate 

Presentations are being prepared!

Counting down to the 10th of October, we are collecting all incoming bio’s of the speakers at Business Meets Design 2017. The subjects of their presentations have been set, they’re preparing the contents. Like Faye Vogely, Science Communications Manager. She will be speaking about ‘The Colour Evolution’:  Why do we see colour? Would we be “we” 

Speaker list 2017

Full bio’s will follow soon and will be made available online in the Speakers section. Faye Vogely, Science Communications Manager Filip Roscam, Merck José Maase, Royal Mosa Ton Borsboom, Philips Growing Colours   Jessica den Hartog Thomas Boucoiran, Siegwerk International Lucas Brinkhaus, Brinkhaus Arno and Iris, Beaux Arts Gisella Groenewoud, Leolux Ramses Dingenouts, Heineken  Kay Schröder, 

Facebook Event

For Business Meets Design 2017 a Facebook Event is available. You can follow and respond to latest updates and share ideas with other visitors there. Facebook

Speakers 2016

Gerard Caron Jan Oldenburger Ton Borsboom Mikko Koria Cate Trotter Kristoffer Lawson   Gerard Caron Gerard Caron began his long life in advertising with Publicis in 1962, where he acquired his first professional experience. He developed his career working successively for SNIP (which subsequently became BDDP), Young & Rubicam, and Ted Bates. He spent considerable time 

BMD 2016

The first edition of Business Meets Design took place at Cube design museum on 8th September 2016. The theme for this edition was ‘Future Design History’ and looked at the transition from graphic design to industrial design. With the stories of our speakers we looked back in time, covering 40 years, and going in discussion