Speaker list

Full bio’s will follow soon.

  • Faye Vogely, Behaviour ecologist Manchester University
  • Filip Roscam, Merck
  • Ton Borsboom, Philips Growing Colours  
  • Jessica den Hartog
  • Thomas Boucoiran, Siegwerk International
  • Lucas Brinkhaus, Brinkhaus
  • Arno and Iris, Beaux Arts
  • Gisella Groenewoud, Leolux
  • Ramses Dingenouts, Heineken 
  • Kay Schröder, Data designer

Moderator of the day to be announced.

Chloé Rutzerveld

Chloé Rutzerveld, Chloé Rutzerveld Food & Concept Design

Chloé Rutzerveld is a critical food designer who explores and challenges food production and consumption. She is fascinated by nature, the human body and the strange relationship people have with food. After she graduated Cum Laude from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2014, she started her own studio as Food and Concept Designer. 


Her work is interdisciplinary and a direct response to the things she questions or is fascinated about. By combining aspects of design, science and technology she thinks up new ways to make our food more efficient, healthy and sustainable. 


She communicates her ideas through speculative design probes, workshops and experimental dinners. By using food as medium, she makes new technologies and food related issues tangible for a wide variety of people, resulting in more understanding and in-depth discussions. 


Next to self-initiated work, Chloé does commissioned projects and consultancy work. She also lectures about her work and the future of food.

Faye Vogely

Faye Vogely, Science Communications Manager

Faye is a behavioural ecologist whose research has looked at our own and other species’ evolution and behaviour. After years of research on primates, she now focuses her efforts on building a bridge between the scientific community and general public. She currently works for the British Trust for Ornithology.


The Colour Evolution


Why do we see colour? Would we be “we” if we didn’t? Colour shapes our lives, our personalities, our opinions, our choices. But how did colour shape our species? In this talk we’ll explore the function and use of colour in the natural world, and go back into the evolutionary past to see how our ability to see colours made us human.

Gisella Groenewoud

Gisella Groenewoud, Leolux

Art Director at Leolux.


Leolux Design Furniture


The broad Leolux collection offers a wide choice of designer furniture. In every modern style, from familiar contemporary to avant-garde design, from design sofas and design corner sofas to designer armchairs and footstools. But also side tables, coffee tables, dining tables and dining chairs. All made to order, so your Leolux design furniture gets a very personal touch.

Jose Maase

José Maase, Royal Mosa

José Maase graduated cum laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1993. During this study she completed valuable practical experience at Amsterdam based BRS Premsela Vonk design office. Together with an architect she ran her own company creating events, exhibitions and project interiors for over 10 years, before starting at Royal Mosa in Maastricht as a senior industrial designer in 2004. In 2015 she became Head of Design responsible for the Mosa collection of ceramic tiles for walls, floors and facades.


‘Changing by light’


Insight about designing on colour in the field of ceramic tiles. Inspirational explanation about a new series of Royal Mosa, called µ [mu]. The series is designed to interact with space and time, μ [mu] cleverly responds to a setting’s changing light. The surface subtly shifts shades during the course of the day. The design is inspired by the extraordinary relationship between illumination and the colour spectrum.

Lucas Brinkhaus

Lucas Brinkhaus, BRINKHAUS fietsen

Lucas Brinkhaus is owner of BRINKHAUS EST. 2010. In 2007, he graduated from the well-known and respected Design academy in Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Currently, he has specialized himself in custom bikes. The customer has the say in the creation process. Renewing a vintage bike? Creating your own personal bike? There are no limits! 

Rozbeh Asmani

Colourmarks: Artistic strategies exploring aspects of colour, power & identy


born in Shiraz (IR)
lives and works in Cologne (DE)

2003 – 2009

fine arts studies at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (DE)

2008 – 2010

Scholar of Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

2010 – 2012

Meisterschüler with Günther Selichar

2012 – 2015

post-graduate studies at Academy of Media Arts Cologne (DE)


Promotion Prize, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

since 2015

Member of Junges Kolleg of North Rhine-Westphalian Academy
of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts



Photo: David Ertl.


Simone Stavenuiter, Philips Design Lighting

Simone is a designer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of color and innovation design. The last 6 years she is a part of the Exploration Design Team within Philips Lighting working with front-end innovation in the field of light experiences in relation to color, materials and space.


Her talk will be about how digital lighting enables the design of exciting new light experiences with more richness, depth, color and liveliness by treating light as creative content. By placing the user centrally, we can create light experiences that really add value to people’s lives, spaces, buildings and brands. Color plays a key role in not only illuminating spaces but also illuminating people’s lives.

Dick Evers, Artist, (interior) Designer and Feng Shui Expert.

Dick is the moderator of No Colour No Glory and will guide us through the two days filled with colourful inspiration. As an artist, (interior) designer and Feng Shui expert expect some suprising but interesting views connecting the dots between presentations given at the event. 

(Photo: Egon Notermans)